I already have the air management for my air ride setup. 

I need to purchase coilovers from Godspeed since I am going bag-over-coils setup. 

Getting my bags and brackets soon after. Should be done by end of April. 

Look out for me to be bagged starting summer!

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Where do you go to college?

Asked by Anonymous

I go to Mt. San Antonio community college in southern Cali! 😊

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Glad I had a night like this one. It reaffirms that I want this to work out, even if it’s going to be hard. Sure I have let things slip and break apart lately, and sure I’ve not dedicated enough to this. But rest assured I am going to do my best to try til there’s nothing left.. Because I want this to work out and I want the best for me and you. Though I may not show it, I am still here, willing to fight til the last ounce of true effort is exhausted.

<3 you beb. Keep pushing with me. It’s our one year. And it’s been a rocky one, yet here we are, and I still smile at our random conversations. And I’ve missed laughing nonstop on facetime with you. It was so good to do after so long. Just like a year ago, we are apart but that won’t define our relationship, so long as I put my half of the work in, and you return the favor, this can improve, for the better. For more smiles, and more memories. :)

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Miss my old setup - shot by Scott Tu

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Got a nursing entrance exam to take in a few hours. I hope I make the cut. 

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