2010 Honda Civic FG1

Daily Driver

First of all, any work done to this car was done by me and only me. I am not getting the help of a mechanic to overprice my installs. LOL.

Mods to date:

  • 400mm Broadway Mirror
  • 8000k EFX HID Conversion kit
  • 2500 Nokya Hyper Yellows drl/hb
  • License plate relocate
  • Red Taillight tint
  • blue stitch shift boot
  • 3-way dc plug splitter
  • magnetic bra half nose hood protector
  • JDM red badges front and rear
  • Synthetic Seat covers
  • Red Pinstripe on Grille
  • DIY lip
  • Hyper white led dome lights
  • Hyper white flank license plate LEDs
  • Debadged rear emblems
  • XXR 522 17X8 +35
  • NANKANG NS-II 215/45/R17 (slight stretch)
  • Eiback Sportlines (1.4-2” drop)
[[More to come!!!]]